SynchronicIT has developed a modular, scalable Precise Real Time Location System (PRTLS) solution combining a number of radios and sensor technologies that provides affordable, accurate, reliable real time solutions with centimeter accuracy. It can work in an indoor and/or outdoor environment. All launch hardware and software has been developed in-house and is ready to go to market. A number of customer lead installations have proven and validated the technology.

Deploying a SynchronicIT PRTLS solution is not complex, timely or expensive. The network infrastructure comprises of fixed position ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless devices (anchors) which provide the reference for precise location of the mobile devices (tags). Picosecond timing is inherent in the UWB physical layer and is the integral beating heart of SynchronicIT Fusion software.

PRTLS applications are many and varied including

  • tracking of assets and personnel for security and liability

  • location based authentication

  • supply chain data

  • real time resource allocation via knowledge of location

  • data mining

  • minimising the human error 

SynchronicIT Fusion in a nutshell is designed to solve and overcome many RTLS deployment challenges, rich features include...


Whether it's a small or large (600+ anchor) setup, the auto-extending feature allows it to fit your requirements. 

Plug and Play

SynchronicIT Fusion allows a simple setup with minimal effort. Background processes are running health checks and measuring / validating the internal distances. 


Cost-effective tag and anchor prices even at low volume. Not all anchors need to be wired to the network minimizing the installation costs. 


SynchronicIT Fusion is highly configurable. Optimizing for a high density tag count or low latency (real-time behavior) is matter of changing a parameter. 

Precise Location

UWB allows for high precision distance measurements. Our Fusion engine translates this into very precise coordinates and taking into account internal and external influences.

Low Power

Ultra-low power electronics are used to extend the battery life. A unique network topology minimizes the data transfers between devices. Power-efficient anchors lowers the cost of ownership

Multiple Technologies

One solution fuses multiple technologies. Ultra-wide band (UWB) tranceivers are used for communication and measurement. Alternatively BLE and NFC can be used, depending on requirements. Other radios like LoRa, GPS, NB-IoT, LTE-M, ISM are available. 

Custom Solutions

Based on our own reference designs, we offer customer-specific tags and can create application specific solutions. 
This includes integrating it into your own design and/or product. 
High volume and tailored solutions to meet your demands can be discussed.

Feature Rich

Bi-directional communication, 
sensor or application specific data can be included.
Secure / encrypted communication, 
Redundancy, Optional fail-over,
Firmware distribution over-the-air


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Factory Automation

SynchronicIT Fusion enables smart manufacturing, thereby increasing productivity and performance.

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Logistics and Warehouses

Optimise work routes and processes resulting with improved efficiencies and personnel safety.

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Asset Tracking

Tag and track inventory stock throughout the supply chain. Improve efficiencies and safety of personnel.


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In-store navigation, customer analytics, targeted advertisements, resource management, dynamic pricing, security and anti-theft tracking.

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Table location and payment systems

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Enabling Smart Stage-Lighting solutions, Interactive audio and visual experiences and other creative artistic applications. 


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PRTLS using SynchronicIT Fusion allows asset and inventory tracking, staff and patient tracking, safety, hand hygiene and other applications

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Infection Control

PRTLS using SynchronicIT Fusion allows monitoring of all interactions between patients, staff and equipment as they move through the healthcare facility.

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Elderly Care 

Monitoring and tracking of residents and staff, providing alarm and panic button, detecting wandering, behavioral analysis.

The market for RTLS and Location Based Services is projected to grow from $16 billion in 2019 to $40 billion in 2024 [MarketsandMarkets]. In the age of the Internet of Things, RTLS applications are numerous and varied from Industrial, Automotive, Healthcare to Consumer. With the core semiconductor (UWB) components now in the latest generation of smartphones the market for precise location is set to grow exponentially to reach this projected number. SynchronicIT focus markets will include Enterprise Resource Management in Industrial, Consumer and Healthcare verticals and selling through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) providers, System Integrators and distributors.

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